Why a Blog?

Simply put, this blog will give me a more organized and scalable way to disseminate (yea that’s a homeschooler word) my 13 years of experience with real estate and investing. These days I find myself drinking a lot of coffee at GoldStripe with people who want to quit their job and “flip houses”. But after a caffeine induced hypesession (another homeschooler word) I typically have converted these pie in the sky aspirations into actionable motivation to start down the path of financial independence through passive income. Now I want to share those hypesessions with more than 1 person at a time. I want to see an army of passionate people pursuing their dreams and loving their lives and work as much as I do.

I guess after a decade long career in real estate I am realizing I really love helping other people discover and pursue their passion a lot more than I love “selling” someone a house. So while you will still see me at GoldStripe on a regular basis, seriously how many times do I have to post a link to GoldStripe’s website before you click on it, these guys know coffee like Gary V knows wine. They are the only coffee shop in town that roasts their own beans! And they just opened the first 3rd wave coffee shop with a drive through. (inside the 1st Bank & Trust on 98th and Slide) But I love the atmosphere at the original location inside Cactus Alley on Marsha Sharp and Salem Ave. But be ready to see what a hipsters paradise looks like, the turntable is the only music source and you need a beard just to enter. For the beardless just pick up one of these badboys. (you don’t really need facial hair, other body hair will suffice.) . . . (I’m sure they will serve bald people too.) Anyway, I still love meeting one on one with people but now I have a place to direct curious would be investors instead of just talking their ears off. (I am really good at that.)

So in short I want to razzle dazzle your senses by recommending amazing places and products to check out whether online or locally. But more importantly I am going to lay out my thoughts on the altar of improvement. Improving my life through becoming a better writer and hopefully improving your life by giving you a peak behind the curtain to learn how to build passive income and a sustainable lifestyle business. Generational wealth and a legacy to pass on to my kids and grandkids is way more fulfilling and exciting than just working a job to make money. And I want the same for you. We were made for so much more, so let’s live the life we want by designing it.

But wait there’s more! I promise to be honest with you through this process, some days are a challenge, some are a total nightmare and make me feel like a failure, and I will share those days with you as well. Because the only success stories I like to read are the ones that show who the person really is and what challenges they overcame. HGTV has painted us a rosy picture of what “house flipping” is. I am giving you an all access pass to the true reality of what it’s like to be a real estate investor.

Author: ChaseMarberry

Chase started his career in real estate before he even graduated from high-school, obtaining his real estate license 2 weeks after he turned 18. He bought his first investment property at just 19 years old and became a landlord and property manager at 20. He eats, sleeps and breathes real-state and business development and is passionate for helping others discover financial freedom through investing. Now as a husband and father Chase values his time more than ever and has successfully built a company that involves and revolves around his family. Building passive income and generational wealth is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle that allows he and his wife, Chantelle the freedom to home-school their children and teach others how to achieve financial freedom. When he isn’t investing in real estate, Chase is constantly looking for new business ideas and new hobbies to turn into businesses. He also plays bagpipes as the BravePiper, loves to drive and learn about fast cars, and take his kids on adventures and new experiences.

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