Passion Income, Not Passive Income

Let me set the record straight, there is no such thing as 100% totally, no work involved, passive income. This is a lie that we have all bought into at some point or another. Think that “great business opportunity” your aunt called you about to sell energy health food smoothie popsicles for dogs. And if you can just get 10 of your friends to sign up under you and you sign up under her then you all become rich from the residual passive income when people renew their online orders. Or maybe it was more legitimate, like your financial “advisor” who would take all your hard earned cash and invest it in a growth stock mutual fund that the radio personality told you would grow 18% compounded annually so that when you retire you would have a million bucks! Well guess what! I did that and for 10 years I saw an average of 8% returns, just enough to keep up with inflation and pay for my “advisors” fees to “manage” MY money. And yea you can say the markets dipped and/or crashed during that time, but they always bounce back, so you just have to keep your money invested for the longterm to get that average high return. Well the only average high returns anyone was getting was the “professional” money managers and the radio personality with all his referral fees for sending you to his local “expert”. The only thing expert about them is their sales ability to get you to dump more of your hard earned money into their company’s fund. Typically a mutual fund which eliminates the risk for you because your money is so diluted into vast array’s of markets and stocks that you have very low opportunities for massive growth. Ok I will get off my soap box before I say something that requires me to put the soap in my mouth. But my point is we have all been duped. Duped into thinking we can retire millionaires if we trust someone else to invest our money instead of taking the responsibility on ourselves to become an expert in something that could not only make us financially independent but also bring massive satisfaction to our lives now. These so called experts are just sales people, many of them don’t even have financial planning degrees or certifications. Of the 5 different “financial advisors” I have hired in my short 10 years of “retirement investing” only one of them was a certified financial planner. And depending on your age, you have probably felt the affect of a “correcting market” like in 2008 or again on Christmas Eve of 2018. I know many people who lost their life savings in an instant. And it takes decades to rebuild that. The bull climbs up the stairs, but the bear jumps out the window.

So what are we to do? Take back control of our money AND our time! We have all heard it said, if you love what you do you will never work another day in your life. This is only half true. I absolutely LOVE what I do, but there are days that are miserable long hard work days. But the difference between what I do and what most people do for a living is I have the power to tell my boss to shove it and choose not to come in the next day or the next. Then when I am rested and ready to go back to work I still have a job and my boss is in a much better mood. Ok so I am my own boss, but the point is I will quickly recover and be excited to go back to work. Because I have a lot more great days than bad, and I am passionate about what I’m accomplishing. I’m building something of value and impacting lives for the better, I’m focused on my legacy, not my 401k. The short answer is, I have found my calling. And it’s not real estate or biz dev (Business Development). It’s solving problems for myself and other people. It’s connecting and engaging with others to get excited about life. And this brings true lasting joy. I can’t deposit joy into the bank or trade it in for food and clothing. No, but with joy comes opportunities for developing businesses, buying real estate and creating value for others that creates monetary returns. Would you rather start a business or buy a product from someone who is passionate and on fire with excitement about their business or from someone who hates their life and sucks the life out of everyone around them?

Why I Chose Real Estate Investing

Real estate has been in my blood since I was a kid, my parents would take us through open houses on the weekends as something fun to do, even if they weren’t in the market to buy a house. I was fascinated by the architecture and combined use-fullness and beauty of houses and the endless ways to design and customize to fit anyone’s needs and taste. This process of turning a house into a home connected with my soul and gave me opportunity to express my creativity. When I learned how to solve problems for people during the very stressful process of buying and selling houses it became more clear to me what my calling in life would be. My passions aligned and and my purpose was clarified. But after 10 years seeing the inside perspective of real estate sales I began to realize all I was really accomplishing in my own life was a paycheck and some shiny rewards for hitting my goals. I knew I could do a lot more.

Investing in real estate has also been a fascination of mine since a young age. I would drive by pre-foreclosure properties with my dad and hear him talk about buying a fixer-upper to renovate and rent out. The difficulty was obtaining financing to both purchase and remodel these dilapidated properties. Because all we really knew about buying investment properties was putting 20% down then paying for the remodel out of pocket and covering the carrying costs until it was rented. This barrier of entry made it pretty hard for a working middle class family to invest in real estate. So we never could purchase a piece of property other than my parent’s primary residence. And that’s the end of the story, we all grew up and went to work in the coal mine and now we eat fish sticks on special occasions. . .

Or, I wrote my own end to this story, because I was raised to find solutions and think outside the box. What really happened is the year after I obtained my real estate license (I was 18) I also bought my first investment property. It was a tiny old house close to Texas Tech University in one of the highly desired neighborhoods for student rentals. But I bought it as a primary residence so I could have a place to live for the time being. This allowed me to only put the minimum down of 5%. But my tiny 2 bedroom house immediately began cash-flowing because I rented out the other bedroom to a roommate. After about a year I moved out and rented the whole house to 2 college students and became a landlord and property manager at 20. When those monthly payments started coming in and I had more money left over each month after my expenses, I thought I had hit the jackpot. This was the most incredible feeling to have an asset that was going up in value, the debt was being paid down by someone else, AND I was putting money in the bank. I was instantly hooked. The problem, it wasn’t enough extra money to live off for the rest of my life. I was going to need another property.

This scenario was all I needed to get hooked on passion income. It wasn’t passive by any means. I had to manage my property to make sure rent was coming in and repairs were handled, taxes were paid and insurance was in place to protect my asset. Sure I could have hired a property manager to handle the headaches, but I wanted to learn the process and I didn’t want to pay someone else most of my profit to do a job I knew I could handle. And through that process I learned more about the intricacies of investing rather than hiring another “expert” to manage what I knew I could learn to do better.

In future posts I will go into more detail about the new ways of finding and financing deals. But here I want to re-evaluate this concept of passive income. As long as we are on this earth we have a job to do. This was designed by our creator because He knew we would never be completely fulfilled without a purpose for living. Even before the fall of man, God gave Adam a job. He was to have dominion over the earth and name each animal. He worked in the garden, it wasn’t hard work until after sin entered, but it was still work. This tells me that God planned from the beginning for man to have a purpose beyond just sitting around and eating and talking to God. God want’s us to be joyful and fulfilled not just in Him but also in our work. And yes we are also called to go into every nation to share salvation with the nations. But some are called as goers and some are called as senders. And the senders are the ones called to create the resources for the goers. Even Jesus had “investors” who financed his ministry. His gospel patrons as they are called were three women named Mary (Magdalene), Joanna, and Susanna. Whether you are a believer or not, I am sure you can agree that we all have a responsibility to provide for ourselves and for others. The question is, why do something you hate and dread 5 days out of the week when you could be pursuing something that excites you and makes you look forward to Monday morning. My personal goal is no longer to reduce the number of hours I “work” in a week, but to increase the joy I have during those hours. And increase the impact my hours have so I can choose when I want to “work” and when I want to “play”.

If you live your life like this you will likely realize “retirement” would be pointless. Why stop doing something you love just because you are eligible for social security and 401k withdrawals? If you are counting down the days till your retirement you must be so miserable, but I am sure you feel helpless, you may think what else am I going to do and how would I replace the benefits I get with my current employment? You won’t. But really compare those “benefits” with the benefit of being happy, and having endless opportunity to build your passion and interests into a lifelong ATM machine. Personally I see myself as an 80 year old codger still making the rounds checking on my investments and whatever projects I have in the works. Even if I am being chauffeured around in a wheelchair by my great grandson. Because as soon as I stop working, building, creating and fulfilling my purpose, I’m gonna die.

What Should You Choose?

So how do you determine what passion to monetize? I mean, just because you love model trains or growing potatoes doesn’t mean you can’t make serious money from them. Start with what you are good at, I’m talking mad skills, your super power. The one thing that you do so easily that others are dumbfounded at how easy it is for you. Then start considering what you enjoy doing on a regular basis that never gets old or boring. Ok now look for where those two things cross paths. My super power is attention to details and efficiency. I become obsessed with minor details that most people overlook or blow off as unimportant. But when they see the finished product they are amazed at what I created and don’t seem to understand how I am so good at whatever it is. I enjoy interior design, inventing new ways to do things, solving impossible problems and helping others become successful. The intersection of these is remodeling properties, buying real estate that has nasty issues that no one else would touch, improving on systems to be more efficient and profitable, connecting people with the right person to help them, and starting new ventures just to learn how to do them for my own curiosity. This has led me to become a successful real estate broker, investor, property manager, software developer, lifestyle brand builder, and all around go-to guy for many local people. But this all started with a passion for independence, creativity, problem solving, and honestly some good old fashion people pleasing. I love for people to like me. So start considering what your passion and innate skills could do to open doors for you.

Success: I don’t think it means what you think it means

We all want to be successful, I mean come on, who doesn’t. The facebook ad of the guy sitting on a beach with his laptop claiming he makes $20k per month while he travels the world, sounds nice right? But what most people don’t realize are the 100+ hour weeks for years on end that guy put in to build it. And it really doesn’t matter what his game is, real estate, social media marketing, drop-shipping, online coaching, drawing cats. Yes someone built a highly successful business drawing cats for people. He even got Mark Cuban to invest in his business.

The only reason anyone can put in that much effort without any guarantee of the outcome is passion. It might be passion to get out of debt, improve your lifestyle, not be homeless, help others, or you just love creating, building and solving problems. It really doesn’t matter, but until you find that motivating passion that drives you to work harder than you have ever worked in your life, you are going to keep failing to do what you were made to do and be who you were made to be.

This may come as a shock to you, but what if I told you that your success isn’t the same picture of success as anyone else. Mind blowing right? Well not really, but we all still tend to have this notion that success is the guy on the beach, or Mark Zuckerberg, or that rich uncle that has a new Lexus every 2 years, or just anyone that has a job and pays their bills on time. And THAT’s the point! Success differs based on our own current situation and our cognitive biases. We have literally allowed every situation in our lives dictate to us a standard for excellence and failure. This means we have years of work to undo while we rewire our brains. But what if the simplest solution is the most obvious; we accept that there will always be people more successful than us and less successful than us based on our definition of success for us. In other words when we use our own standard units of measure we will never measure up to some and we will feel really good about ourselves compared to others.

Albert Einstein is credited with the saying, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

So what is your genius? Your superpower. The thing that you do so easily and you think everyone can do this, it’s no big deal. But others are amazed at your skill and dexterity. This could be the key that unlocks your passion and leads to your success.

So how are you going to define your success? What does this look like to you? Sure, a million bucks in the bank sounds great, but then what? Let’s say you won the lottery and theoretically all your financial troubles are over, what are you going to do with the rest of your life? Spend the money on all the houses and toys you ever wanted? How fulfilled do you really think this will make you? How long can you go being overindulged before you become depressed? History tells us you would be bankrupt in 3 – 5 years but I bet the depression settles in a lot sooner than that. Ok so winning the lottery and working hard to build an empire are two vastly different things, wealthy people who are self made must have a lot more fulfillment and satisfaction in life, right? Check out this story on Forbes about the research on depression and the uber-wealthy.

I’m not saying wealth is going to cause you to be depressed, but if that is your only focus and goal in life then you will probably never be fully satisfied. So let’s redefine success and take the wealth aspect out of the equation. What do you really want out of life? What makes you fulfilled? Healthy relationships, peace in your home, energy to do the things you enjoy, time to be creative, enough resources to give of your time, talent, and treasure to others. These are my definitions of success. Yours may be different. Take some time to really consider what makes you feel successful. It may be something you have never considered before. When you take away money as the measuring stick you may uncover a lot more ways to be successful.

With that being said, this blog is about generating money and wealth primarily through real estate. It doesn’t contradict my beliefs or motivation for success in the other areas. Money and wealth are the tools to accomplish many of the goals I have. But money won’t suddenly make your relationships better or make you a generous person. In fact money will only amplify the type of person you already are. So before you become uber-wealthy, focus on being successful in the non-monetary areas first. You may just find that your satisfaction in life increases so much that you no longer need as much wealth as you originally thought you did.

My best advice on becoming more successful: Start living your life! Try that new hobby you always wanted to try, take a class to learn a new skill just for the sake of it, take someone to lunch that you want to get to know rather than trying to make a sale, take a day off work to volunteer for an organization, (I guarantee you won’t get fired if your boss knows you are volunteering) ask someone to mentor you or offer to mentor others. You will be amazed at the opportunities and benefits that open up by doing things that are not motivated by financial gain. (I am telling myself this more than I am trying to tell anyone else.)

Then leave a comment or send me a message on here or any of my social media sites about your experience. I would love to hear how this way of living has impacted you or those around you.

Why a Blog?

Simply put, this blog will give me a more organized and scalable way to disseminate (yea that’s a homeschooler word) my 13 years of experience with real estate and investing. These days I find myself drinking a lot of coffee at GoldStripe with people who want to quit their job and “flip houses”. But after a caffeine induced hypesession (another homeschooler word) I typically have converted these pie in the sky aspirations into actionable motivation to start down the path of financial independence through passive income. Now I want to share those hypesessions with more than 1 person at a time. I want to see an army of passionate people pursuing their dreams and loving their lives and work as much as I do.

I guess after a decade long career in real estate I am realizing I really love helping other people discover and pursue their passion a lot more than I love “selling” someone a house. So while you will still see me at GoldStripe on a regular basis, seriously how many times do I have to post a link to GoldStripe’s website before you click on it, these guys know coffee like Gary V knows wine. They are the only coffee shop in town that roasts their own beans! And they just opened the first 3rd wave coffee shop with a drive through. (inside the 1st Bank & Trust on 98th and Slide) But I love the atmosphere at the original location inside Cactus Alley on Marsha Sharp and Salem Ave. But be ready to see what a hipsters paradise looks like, the turntable is the only music source and you need a beard just to enter. For the beardless just pick up one of these badboys. (you don’t really need facial hair, other body hair will suffice.) . . . (I’m sure they will serve bald people too.) Anyway, I still love meeting one on one with people but now I have a place to direct curious would be investors instead of just talking their ears off. (I am really good at that.)

So in short I want to razzle dazzle your senses by recommending amazing places and products to check out whether online or locally. But more importantly I am going to lay out my thoughts on the altar of improvement. Improving my life through becoming a better writer and hopefully improving your life by giving you a peak behind the curtain to learn how to build passive income and a sustainable lifestyle business. Generational wealth and a legacy to pass on to my kids and grandkids is way more fulfilling and exciting than just working a job to make money. And I want the same for you. We were made for so much more, so let’s live the life we want by designing it.

But wait there’s more! I promise to be honest with you through this process, some days are a challenge, some are a total nightmare and make me feel like a failure, and I will share those days with you as well. Because the only success stories I like to read are the ones that show who the person really is and what challenges they overcame. HGTV has painted us a rosy picture of what “house flipping” is. I am giving you an all access pass to the true reality of what it’s like to be a real estate investor.